R.R.N.D.A.V. Public School is being promoted by the Rao Ram Narayan Educational Society, the social development arm of DAV Group. DAV Group has thus far been associated with the maintenance of buildings and the school is the first of their educational ventures. Its intention is to support students’ mental, physical and spiritual growth through cultural activities, study and research while developing their inner qualities and the spirit of creative leadership.

School Management

Sl. No. Name Designation
1. Sh. T.R. Gupta Chairman
2. Sh. J.K. Kapoor Vice-chairman, Director of R. K. Educational Group
3. Sh. K.L. Khurana Regional Director
4. Sh. Virender Kumar Educationist
5. Sh. Raj Kumar Sehgal Principal/ Member Secretary
6. Dr. Jai Singh Manager
7. Sh. Arun Kumar Adv. Member
8. Sh. Hemna Kumar Member
9. Sh. Bhusan Kumar Member
10. Sh. Chander Sain Retd. DSP Member
11. Sh. CBSE Nominee
12. Sh. CBSE Nominee
13. Sh. Kumar Manas Parent Representative
14. Sh. Charan Singh Parent Representative
15. Smt. Satyavati Yadav Teacher Representative
16. Sh. Sunil Kumar Teacher Representative